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A crossbite is a relatively common dental problem that can create other dental problems further down the road, including jaw pain and accelerated tooth wear.

Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen® offer solutions to crossbite problems. 

Invisalign is a proven method to repair crossbites and other dental issues. The system uses sets of customized, clear aligners that are virtually invisible. These aligners are removable, so they don’t interfere with the patient’s lifestyle and eating habits. 

Invisalign also solves other dental issues, including:

What Is a Crossbite?

What exactly is a crossbite, and how common is it? 

A crossbite is a reasonably common occurrence. It’s when one or more of the lower teeth sit outside or directly under the upper teeth. Ordinarily, the upper teeth all sit slightly outside the lower teeth. 

There are two main types of crossbites — an anterior crossbite and a posterior crossbite. The anterior crossbite is when your front lower teeth sit in front of your upper teeth when your jaw is closed. The posterior crossbite is when the back lower teeth sit outside the back upper teeth. 

A crossbite can be one or two teeth or several teeth.

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Why Fix a Crossbite?

Depending on the severity, a crossbite can lead to other issues further down the road. This can include:

  • Toothaches
  • Excessive tooth wear
  • Jaw pain
  • Sleep apnea
  • Headaches
  • Speech issues
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) issues

While crossbites can lead to many issues, they can be fixed through treatment with Invisalign. 

Treating a Crossbite With Invisalign

Orthodontic treatment can correct a crossbite, either with the use of metal braces, clear braces, or with Invisalign. Invisalign clear aligners have become a popular alternative to braces for various reasons, from aesthetics to better hygiene. Wilson & Hendrickson is a provider of Invisalign for the Topeka, KS, area.

Invisalign uses custom, clear aligners to apply gentle pressure to move teeth into the proper position. The movement is done using several sets of Invisalign clear aligners. 

Patients will wear each set of aligners for about 1-2 weeks. Each set is designed to move the teeth a little more. The clear aligners are switched out until the teeth are in their proper positions.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Invisalign clear aligners are created to fit the patient’s mouth precisely. To achieve this customization, orthodontists at Wilson & Hendrickson scan the patient’s mouth using the iTero Element® scanner. This creates a detailed, 3D image of the patient’s mouth that can be viewed from any angle. This allows us to create a customized treatment plan suited specifically to the patient’s mouth.

From there, the aligners are created using SmartTrack® material, which provides an accurate fit for every patient. The aligners are then trimmed to match the gumline, making them nearly invisible. Patients can practice showing off their beautiful smiles during treatment!

Invisalign Advantages

Invisalign clear aligners have several advantages for patients. Unlike braces, Invisalign is removable. This means the aligners can be removed for proper cleaning, as well as for teeth brushing and flossing. That means better oral hygiene during treatment.

Because they’re removable, there are no food restrictions with Invisalign. Instead, the aligners are removed for eating and drinking. You can enjoy your favorite foods while achieving that beautiful smile!

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Other Treatment With Invisalign

With many patients, a crossbite isn’t the only issue needing treatment. Patients may also have an overbite or underbite, gaps in their teeth or crowded teeth. 

Invisalign can treat these issues simultaneously, so there’s often no need for other treatment later for other issues. In many cases, Invisalign is the only treatment option needed to repair several issues at once.

Invisalign can also treat these issues individually.

After Treatment

Once treatment is completed and the crossbite is repaired, patients will want to keep those straight teeth for years to come. 

Vivera Retainers are used to maintain the straight teeth created by the Invisalign clear aligners. Like Invisalign, Vivera Retainers are customized for each patient. 

As with standard retainers, Vivera Retainers are worn at night, so your smile can be unencumbered during the day.

Getting Started 

The first step to a better smile is to schedule a free consultation with  Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics. We’ll be able to provide more information on the best treatment for your individual case and answer any questions you have!

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