Emergency Orthodontics In Topeka, KS

Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics is here when you need us. We offer advice for common orthodontic issues and treating emergencies at home. We’re also here to help with emergencies in the office. Regardless of the circumstances, we’re here for your orthodontic emergencies!

At-Home Solutions

Broken Bracket

Poking Wire

Invisalign Discomfort

Braces Discomfort

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Have An Emergency?

While actual emergencies are rare, they can happen. Our team at Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics can handle most problems with a simple phone call. However, some problems will require an in-office, hands-on approach. We will work with you to schedule an in-office, emergency orthodontic appointment. Our team is here for you, no matter what orthodontic emergency you may have.

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