What Should You Expect From Us?

Our goal is to exceed your expectations… always.  We believe you should expect the best possible orthodontic results and the best possible experience.

A Reputation That’s Lasted 100 years!

Most orthodontic offices don’t have 100 years of legacy to upload. Ours does. At Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics, we’re incredibly proud to have a track record of almost 100 years of exceptional service.

Ours is a legacy built on trust.

We believe you should expect a lot from your time with Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics. 

Two Orthodontists Who Love Working Together

Dr. Wilson and Dr. Hendrickson love working together!

They often remark that they didn’t realize they would get to work with their best friends in an orthodontic practice. Having doctors who love working together goes a long way toward creating an exceptional experience here!

In fact, our orthodontists treat every orthodontic case as a team because two orthodontists are better than one!

- Our Philosophy | Topeka Orthodontist - WH Orthodontics
- Our Philosophy | Topeka Orthodontist - WH Orthodontics

The Best Experience We Can Provide, From Start To Finish

We’re concerned about more than just straight teeth.

We want you to love your experience at our orthodontic office. From your actual time in our orthodontic office to interacting with our amazing team to using amazing new orthodontic technology, we make your visit more comfortable, faster, and easier than ever before.

A Clinical Team That Loves Your Kids Like Their Own

The WH Orthodontic Team is amazing at loving their patients.

The kinds of experiences our patients rave about can very easily be summed up in how well our team loves our patients. They treat them exactly like they would treat their own kids.

You can expect to feel like part of the family at Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics!

- Our Philosophy | Topeka Orthodontist - WH Orthodontics
- Our Philosophy | Topeka Orthodontist - WH Orthodontics

Amazing Orthodontic Results With Options You'll Love

Expect an amazing smile you’re proud to show off!

We want to be proud of our work as much as you want to show off your smile. That’s why you can expect the best possible results for your smile. We have orthodontic options like Invisalign and clear braces that can meet any person’s needs and match any lifestyle to provide the smile of your dreams!