Advanced Braces System

At our orthodontic office, we use an advanced braces system. Our braces offer you amazing benefits. Experience more comfort and faster results with our braces!

There’s Nothing ‘Standard’ About The Metal Braces We Choose To Offer

At Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics, our braces achieve incredible orthodontic results and are more comfortable than the braces your parents once wore.

These aren’t the braces you had when you were a kid.  Our orthodontists are highly trained in advanced braces treatment. We chose this system because we firmly believe in the results and the benefits they can offer our patients.

What Makes These Metal Braces Different?

Greater Comfort |  Our metal braces have a unique design that allows us to move your teeth with gentler force than traditional braces. 
Fewer Office Visits The braces move your teeth with gentle, consistent force. That means you’ll need fewer trips to the office to get the results you want!
Shorter Treatment Time Our system allows your teeth to slide along the archwires freely, speeding up tooth movement. 
A High-Quality, Proven Option Our metal braces have a reputation as a reliable option for practices that care about the quality of the tools they use.
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Common Questions About Our Metal Braces

Should I Care What Braces My Orthodontist Is Using?

There are great reasons why you should!

You may think a braces bracket is just a bracket, but that’s not entirely true. Orthodontists choose braces and bracket systems for many reasons, often because they’re less expensive.

At Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics, we believe in doing what’s best for the patient. We chose a high-quality bracket system that provides great results while being more comfortable for our patients.  We want you to have the best results and the best experience possible!

How Can These Braces Work Faster?

We use a self-ligating braces system that provides more comfort and great results in less time!

Our brackets aren’t tied to the archwires by elastics, allowing the teeth to slide smoothly along the archwire. This allows them to move more easily, which makes treatment more comfortable for the patient. The free movement also means the teeth can move faster than with traditional braces, so you’ll spend less time in our braces compared to traditional metal braces!

Will I Really Have Fewer Office Visits?

Yes! We don’t have to change out elastics, which wear out every few weeks.

That means less time in our exam chair and more time enjoying life during your treatment!

How Long Will I Have To Wear Braces?

Our braces move teeth faster, which may mean less treatment time for you! 

Treatment time depends on the number and severity of the dental issues we’re fixing, but on average, you can expect to wear braces for 12-24 months. We’ll let you know a more accurate time after your free, initial consultation.