Clear Ceramic Braces

Our clear braces are an effective, almost-invisible way to get an awesome smile. These ceramic braces offer the same beautiful results using less noticeable brackets. Enjoy your smile throughout your treatment!

With Clear Braces, You Can Enjoy Your Smile, Even During Orthodontic Treatment!

We offer clear braces as an effective, nearly invisible treatment option so our patients can enjoy their smiles from day one of their orthodontic journey.

Our clear braces are part of our high-tech braces systems. These braces yield incredible results and are more comfortable than traditional metal braces.

Why Would I Want Clear Braces?

Greater Comfort Our clear braces have a unique design that allows us to move your teeth with gentler force than traditional braces. 
Fewer Office Visits Our braces move your teeth without elastics that need frequent changing. That means fewer trips to the office.
Shorter Treatment Time Our braces system allows your teeth to slide along the archwires freely, speeding up tooth movement. 
A Clear, Discreet Option Clear Braces work like our metal braces, but the ceramic material makes them harder to see.
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Common Questions About Our Clear Braces

What Should I Know About Clear Braces vs Metal Braces?

Both our clear and metal braces offer amazing orthodontic results.

Clear braces include ceramic braces brackets that better match the natural color of your teeth. That makes them harder to see and a lot less noticeable than metal braces brackets.

Do Clear Braces Stain?

Our clear braces are made from a ceramic material that’s stain-resistant.

That’s not to say your clear braces can never stain. Over time, dark liquids like sodas, coffee, and some fruit and vegetable juices, as well as some foods like tomato sauces and dark fruits, may stain your clear braces, particularly if you do not brush your teeth after consuming them. Brushing after every meal and after consuming these foods and drinks can reduce the chances of staining your ceramic braces.

Will Clear Braces Take Longer To Work Than Metal Braces?

Clear braces have the same moving power as our metal braces!

That means clear braces will work with the same speed and power as metal braces. You can expect the same amount of treatment time with clear braces as you would with metal braces. You can also expect the same amazing results!