Our Team Is Friendly & Fun!

We have an incredible team! One of the compliments we get all the time is, “Your team is so friendly and fun!” Each person on our team has been personally selected because of how well they relate to our patients. What that means for you is that every member of our staff you meet is genuinely excited to see you.

Our Team Members Are Selected Because They Treat Our Patients With Love!

When you sit in our chairs, you’re going to feel the love in the office from the doctors and our team! It’s just an enjoyable environment, and we’re so blessed to have such an amazing team to work side-by-side with every day.

We work hard to be efficient, but we also have fun!

When a patient sits in our chair and interacts with our team, we want them to feel like they’re the most special person in the entire room!

More Than Just A Group Of People

Our patients rave about their experiences with us because of how much our team cares about them! Our team members treat their patients like they would their own children. You can expect to be part of the family when you come to Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics!

Experienced. We’ve actually got several employees that have been here longer than even our doctors!
Compassionate. This team is kind, caring, and compassionate. We also have a lot of fun!
- Meet Our Orthodontic Team | Topeka Orthodontist - WH Orthodontics