Our Orthodontic Technology

Orthodontics is always changing!  New orthodontic technology allows us to treat our cases more accurately and with more comfort. We believe our patients deserve an exceptional level of care.

We’re Continually Investing In New Orthodontic Technology

We invest in advanced orthodontic technology to give our patients better results and better overall experiences.

We believe it’s important to be on the cutting edge of orthodontics. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in orthodontic technology that makes your life better.

Digital 3D Impressions — No More Goop!

No more uncomfortable impressions!

Our office is proud to use the iTero advanced orthodontic scanner. This allows our team to use a ‘wand’ to scan a detailed 3D image of your teeth rather than take a traditional impression of your teeth with goopy trays.

No More Goopy Impressions! Now we can scan your teeth and create a 3D model to help us fit braces, retainers, and Invisalign to your exact needs.
Even More Accurate Care! The iTero system is incredibly accurate, so we can diagnose and treat your case even better than before!
- Our Orthodontic Technology | Topeka Orthodontist - WH Orthodontics
- Our Orthodontic Technology | Topeka Orthodontist - WH Orthodontics

iCat 3D Cone Beam Scanner System

Incredibly accurate 3D scans of your entire mouth.

The iCat scanner allows us to safely create a virtual, 3D model of your entire mouth. This 3D model gives us more information to treat dental issues. It even allows us to see any issues with a patient’s airway caused by deformities in the jaws.

Technology For Even Faster Treatment Times!

Using AcceleDent and Propel devices, we’re able to get Invisalign and braces patients out of treatment up to 40% faster! These devices are simple-to-use, hands-free devices designed for faster orthodontic treatment. They can even make your experience more comfortable!

Faster Treatment! We offer technology that can speed up your orthodontic care significantly!
As little as 20 minutes a day! Using this technology daily can significantly decrease your treatment time.
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