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Using AcceleDent Aura & Propel To Accelerate Your Orthodontic Treatment

WH Orthodontics provides advanced orthodontic solutions for people of all ages. If you’re looking for a non-invasive method to straighten your teeth faster, consider AcceleDent Aura or Propel.

What is Acceledent Aura? 

AcceleDent Aura is an innovative, hands-free device that’s designed to make your orthodontic treatment quicker in a safe and effective way. The device uses patented technology to vibrate your teeth and the bone surrounding it, allowing your teeth to move more freely.

The patented technology gently vibrates your teeth and surrounding bone, allowing your teeth to move more freely. The best part of the AcceleDent system is that it’s completely safe! You may experience a slight tingling sensation, much like that of the vibration of an electric toothbrush, but it should diminish after you become accustomed to using the appliance.

acceledent - Want To Speed Up Your Orthodontic Care?

How Does The AcceleDent Aura Work? 

Using the AcceleDent Aura can allow 50% faster tooth movement. When used with braces or Invisalign the small vibrations, also known as micro pulses are designed to allow alignment more freely. 

It’s simple to use, if you have braces, just insert the mouthpiece around your existing braces. If you have Invisalign, remove your aligners before inserting the mouthpiece. Once it’s in place turn it on, keep it running for 20 minutes. It’s that easy! Just 20 minutes a day for quicker treatment. There’s no discomfort associated aside from a minor tingling feeling a few minutes after.

Why Should I Use It?

  • Gentle treatment, allowing for quicker movement without discomfort or inconvenience.
  • It’s completely safe for all ages of people and all orthodontic treatment types
  • AcceleDent is comfortable and lightweight. It’s easy to forget you’re using it.
  • The design of the AcceleDent is hands-free, allowing you to speed up your treatment time while doing homework, playing games, reading, typing, and more.

Does The AcceleDent Aura Track My Usage? 

The AcceleDent Aura has a proprietary usage report that tells you a summary of your daily usage in a graph or table form. You can connect the device to a computer using a USB cord your orthodontist will provide.

How Do I Start With AcceleDent Aura?

To get started using  AcceleDent Aura, talk to your orthodontist! At WH Orthodontics, we’re happy to answer your questions and provide information about the technology we use. If you’re looking to speed up your orthodontic treatment, contact us to see if you’re a candidate for AcceleDent Aura.

What is Propel?

Similar to the AcceleDent Aura, Propel is a handheld device that stimulates your teeth and bone. Using Propel improves movement of your teeth throughout your orthodontic treatment. Unlike AcceleDent, the Propel technology we use is done in office.

Our orthodontist uses the Propel device to specifically target teeth that are hard to move. The vibration invokes a response from your teeth to make movement quicker and shorten the time of treatment.

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How Does Propel Work?

The Propel treatment will be in-office. Our orthodontic team will perform a thorough examination of your teeth prior. We’ll start by taking x-rays of your teeth, looking at the gaps between them to see where we should set the Propel to focus. Then we’ll give you a local numbing agent to prevent any discomfort. Using Propel, we’ll make a microscopic hole into the bone underneath your gums (there will be 1-3 holes on either side). It’s quick, safe, and relatively simple!

Why Should I Use Propel?

  • Takes the work out of faster treatment.
  • Not only will movement be faster but, the tissue healing process speeds up.
  • No recovery time! You can resume your normal routine right after treatment.
  • Clinically proven to be safe and effective

How Do I Get Started With Propel?

Our orthodontic team can help! Propel is an acceleration solution for patients of all ages and works for people receiving any manner of orthodontic care. WH Orthodontics is eager to answer all of your questions and provide more information about Propel. Contact us to get started!

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