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Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics has been caring for Topeka families since 1930 – almost 100 years. We love getting to see the grandchildren of our first patients in our office! Part of the way we honor your longstanding trust in us is through our commitment to staying up-to-date in every way. We bring Topeka orthodontic care that’s always getting a little more comfortable, efficient, and effective. 

As we grow and evolve, our brand identity grows and evolves with us, allowing us to continue to connect with you as who we really are today. We’re excited to introduce you to our new name and logo! It’s the same us, Hamilton, Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics, with a bright new smile.

Doctor Candids HWH Orthodontics Hamilton Wilson Hendrickson Topeka KS 2023 361 - Hamilton, Wilson & Hendrickson: New Look, Same Us


At WH Orthodontics, we know the value of teamwork. We develop all of our patients’ treatment plans together because two heads really are more observant and creative than one! In 2019, we teamed up with ClearPG to find better ways to reach and serve you, and they’ve been our partners throughout this rebranding. 

Five years ago, ClearPG redid our website and helped us modernize our logo, fonts, and color palette. We replaced the bright blue and gray gradient that we’d loved in the 1990s with an approachable navy and teal but kept the logo’s basic design: a tooth-shaped W flanked by two Hs, both pulled toward the center by a circle that reminded us of a bracket wire.

Hamilton, Wilson & Hendrickson Is Now WH Orthodontics

When Dr. Scott Hamilton announced his retirement in 2023, we were overjoyed for him, and we knew we could rely on ClearPG to help us navigate the necessary evolution across our brand. 

To reflect our practice name change from Hamilton, Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics to Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics, we removed the first H from our logo. From there, we continued to simplify, removing the circle and allowing the letters to stand upright. To make sure that our mark was still clearly an orthodontics logo, we connected the W to the H with the crown of a tooth.

New Orthodontics Logo

The new logo reflects our continuity of care: it uses the same colors and keeps a tooth front and center. It also clearly reflects the change in our practice’s leadership.


Often, our patients come to us shy, maybe hiding their mouths behind their hands when they laugh and smile. Throughout treatment, we get to know the wonderful people they are, and nothing is more fun for us than seeing the transformation in confidence that accompanies a new smile. 

All of us have moments in our lives when we’ve changed enough or our lives have changed enough that we need a new look. Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics is thrilled to celebrate one of these moments in our practice with you!

New Logo, Same Passion for Healthy Smiles

Our look may have changed, but our dedication to your oral health is still the same. We continue to provide exceptional treatment with advanced metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign. We are still a Top 1% Invisalign Provider in Topeka, KS. You can continue to count on Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics for your family’s orthodontic treatment.

Design, video, photo, and branding by Clear Partnering Group.