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Why have the families in our community trusted our practice for nearly 100 years?

The answer is surprisingly simple: We take the time to do things with excellence! We work hard to give you and your kids the individual care that they deserve. That means staying on the cutting edge of dental and orthodontic technology, whether that is learning the best techniques or investing in the newest tools to create an excellent smile.

The Secret to Exceeding Expectations

It also means doing everything we possibly can to be excellent in the way we treat and relate to people – our patients.  Sometimes that’s as simple as listening — really listening — to our patients.  We know if we listen to what the patient wants, we can do an excellent job meeting and even exceeding your expectations! We’ve found that the reason our practice has grown is because we’ve always committed to consistently exceeding expectations.

We are blessed to be the orthodontists that parents trust with their third and fourth kid in braces. We are blessed to be the office so many dentists recommend to their own patients — and trust with their own kids. Even as we have brought in more doctors to serve our patients, we have always maintained the same values that have been passed down from the previous generations.  No matter how busy we get, we want to provide excellent care efficiently — because your time is valuable to us.

If you even have to wait ten minutes at our practice, we will personally send you a hand-written apology.  That’s how important you are to us.

This Is Your Journey. You Deserve to Love Every Step of the Way.

We know that everyone comes from different backgrounds and finds themselves in different financial situations.  We also never want to let price get in the way of a beautiful smile. That’s why we were the first practice in the area to decrease the down payment required. We were one of the first to make Invisalign the same cost as braces.  We are constantly looking for ways to make this more affordable. We also offer financing in order to find a figure that works with your budget. That’s also why we offer in-house financing with no interest.  On your first appointment you will sit down with our financial coordinator and we get a plan that suits your needs.  The quality of care we provide from start to finish is world-class.

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